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Plan And Execute The Best Las Vegas Bachelor Party

“One life can contain serenity and tumult, heartbreak and happiness, coldness and warmth, grabbing and giving — and also more particular opposites such as a neurotic conviction that one is a flop and a consciousness of success amounting to smugness.” Diana Athill

Some things occur in cycles — full Moons, seasons, Sun spots, cicada swarms and so forth. Some cycles happen over far longer timeframes such as the evolution of species and cooling and warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. “A human life is less than the blink of an eyelid in terms of the universe.” Ms Athill.

Some other things happen only once — graduations, proms, marriages.

The importance of a bachelor party is directly proportional to the importance of marriage. Just as you make sure to leave no stone unturned to ensure that your marriage is a truly memorable occasion for you and your friends and family, the bachelor party needs as much planning and care to be truly memorable.

When it comes to choosing a venue for your bachelor party, there is an obvious choice. A bachelor party in Vegas is the choice for the overwhelming majority of bachelors because nowhere else do you find such a diversity of options in terms of adult entertainment. Whatever the excuse and/or the occasion, Vegas always makes sense when you want plenty of fun involving strippers, escorts and pool parties. If it's a bachelor party you have in mind, Vegas is just the perfect destination as a Las Vegas bachelor party will let you fulfill all the fantasies of the groom and his buddies.

From casinos to escorts and from pool parties to bars, you'll have plenty of options to fill your Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary and make it unique and memorable for all the participants. Sin City has something for everyone and here's a look at how you can plan and execute a super successful bachelor party in Vegas.

Creating A Magical Las Vegas Bachelor Party

“It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.” Abraham Lincoln.

The desert playground called Vegas certainly offers some opportunities to adults to rack up some vices in their lives.

If you are the one in charge of planning the bachelor party in Vegas, you can start things off on the right note by making sure of the following:

  • Give the utmost priority to the groom’s interests. While most men’s proclivities are predictable — feasting eyes on sexy ladies in strip clubs and having bachelor party escorts performing in private settings — there are variations among men regarding whether they prefer the day-time partying scene including pool parties or the night-time routine of nightclubs, strip shows, and bars. As the party planner, you can plan things accordingly.
  • Choose what day-time fun and adventure activities you want. There is a wide variety of options and you cannot fit them all into one Las Vegas bachelor party itinerary; hence, you have to pick what is going to be the most fun without busting your budgets. You could opt for driving supercars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, or McLaren. Or, you could opt for even more G forces by flying in a fighter jet. You could do dune surfing in an ATV or Jet Ski driving on Lake Mead. You could also opt for helicopter tours of Lake Mead or The Grand Canyon.
  • A bachelor party in Vegas is surely incomplete without some Las Vegas bachelor party escorts. You can hire them from reputed escort agencies to avoid getting short-changed and facing disappointment.

The Best Day-Time And Night Time Activities in Vegas — Pool Parties And Night Clubs

“You must accept one of two basic premises: Either we are alone in the universe, or we are not alone in the universe. And either way, the implications are staggering” — Wernher von Braun.

We are literally starstuff, as Carl Sagan explained. So, we are pretty special one way or the other. A bachelor party in Vegas is the perfect occasion to celebrate our uniqueness. When it comes to attending a pool party or a night club in Las Vegas, you cannot really go wrong — whatever you choose will turn out to be pretty spectacular. If you are a Vegas pro, you’ll have your personal favorites in terms of which establishments to visit. But for novices, here are some options so that you can narrow down your options and choose quickly.

Day Time Activities — Pool Parties

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover — Mark Twain.

Vegas weather is perfect for most outdoor activities. So, make the most of that when you are in Sin City for your Las Vegas bachelor party. There is nothing better to do to spend your day time than attend a day time pool party in one of several establishments. You can plan and choose what suits you as per your hotel location and budget.

If you want to choose a top tier pool party locate, you cannot go wrong with the Foxtail Pool Club sprawling across 43,000 square feet of space and which can accommodate 2,000 patrons. You’ll get cabanas, day beds and lily pads.

You can hear some hot DJs including Avicil, Fedde Le Grande, or Steve Angello at the Encore Beach Club in the Encore Tower of the Wynn Hotel. This one is spread across 50,000 square feet and bottled alcohol will cost you from $375 to $500.

Wet Republic at the MGM Grand is spread across 54,500 square feet and has multiple pools plus cabanas, daybeds and more. Bottle service here will set you back $350 or more.

If you want to give in to some nostalgia during your Las Vegas bachelor party, you could opt for the Rehab Beach Club at the Hard Rock Café. This one used to be the ‘top dog’ and you may want to re-live your Spring Break days.

If you want to experience one of the new kids on the block, Daylight Beach Club at the Mandalay Bay fits the bill perfectly. With a square footage of 55,000 square feet, you could be one of up to 5,000 guests at this pool party venue.

Night Time Fun — The Best Nightclubs of Sin City

Since Las Vegas is all about its nightlife, your bachelor party in Vegas will be spoiled for choice when it comes to nightclubs. You could literally enter any casino on the Strip and be assured of a great experience. If you favor doing ‘spur-of-the-moment’ things, you could do that without any hesitation. However, if you are the kind of guy who likes to keep things planned and predictable, then we can suggest some options for you.

  • Omnia Nightclub. This spectacular nightclub inside Caesar’s Palace has EDM music by some of the hottest DJs like Calvin Harris. It’s spread over 75,000 square foot on multiple levels and has a 22,000 pound kinetic chandelier. Better to reserve a table here if you don’t want to stand in a queue for hours. Bottle service starts at $400. This can be the highlight of your Las Vegas bachelor party.
  • Hakkasan Nightclub. If you want some over-the-top light shows, gigantic LED displays and world class DJs like Steve Aoki, Afrojack, or Calvin Harris, then this nightclub in the MGM Grand should be your destination. Its 80,000 square feet across five levels has the Hakkasan Restaurant on the first floor. Other amenities include a lounge, an outdoor garden bar, and an Eastern-inspired dance floor. To avoid the queues outside without reserving a table, you can dine at the restaurant and then head from the restaurant to the dance floor. You can hire bachelor party escorts to join you and your buddies as you sample all the food and other fun.
  • Light Nightclub. Part of Mandalay Bay, this nightclub has everything you might want in a Las Vegas nightclub — Cirque du Soleil shows, easy availability of drinks, gargantuan dance environment with gigantic LED screens accompanied by well-known artists like Ludacris and Rick Ross performing live. Getting into this nightclub is pretty tough on busy nights. So, you might need to book a VIP table. Your bachelor party in Vegas is probably incomplete without a trip to a nightclub such as this one.
  • Tao Restaurant and Nightclub. This nightclub has rooms with Asian-inspired décor, an eclectic range of music, VIP tables with bottle service, and occasional celebrities. Part of the Venetian Hotel, the nightclub has been around since 2005. It’s not a strip club and yet it has girls everywhere — in glass boxes, in bathtubs, and on tables. The Opium Room plays hip hop music exclusively.
  • Drai’s Nightclub. If hip-hop is your thing, then this is the nightclub for you in Las Vegas. It’s a two-level nightclub with awesome views of the Strip. They feature live performances and not just DJs. Their list of performers includes 2 Chainz, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Trey Songz. It’s 65,000 square feet and bottle service costs $300 to $450. Getting into the club on the Independence Day weekend can be expensive — up to the high four figure dollar amounts depending on location. Which is why, it’s always a good idea to time your bachelor party in Vegas right.

Club XS at the Encore is the second largest nightclub in Vegas with bottle service costing $375 to $500. Hyde Bellagio is a nice place to have a drink or two with your buddies. It happens to be one of the most popular bachelorette party spots. Marquee Day/Night Club in the Cosmopolitan Resort has three separate rooms, seven bars and is 60,000 square feet overall. Bottle service costs about $400 to $475. It has a real library with books. On The Record, off of the casino floor of Park MGM gives you vibes of old record stores. It recreates an authentic vintage atmosphere. Jewel Nightclub is opulent gems-themed. It’s smaller than the other giant nightclubs but the EDM music and LED ribbons will have you hooked. You’ll get performers such as Drake, Steve Aoki, or Jamie Foxx here. You can reserve one of five themed VIP rooms for your buddies. You can hire bachelor party escorts to amplify the fun. As you can see, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing a nightclub destination for the ultimate Las Vegas bachelor party experience.

With nightclubs, you want to be aware of the dress codes for men, and their timings. Also worth noting is the fact that if you time your Las Vegas bachelor party to coincide with the peak holiday season or a holiday weekend, you’ll be left jostling with crowds. And the costs can be prohibitive for major holiday weekends such as the Independence Day weekend.

It’s also worth noting that the top dancers only perform during the late evening prime time.

Our Las Vegas bachelor party escorts are a good alternative to ensure complete satisfaction. You can hire them for private shows and they’ll definitely exponentially increase the fun you can have in Vegas.

Our Las Vegas bachelor party escorts are professionals and here’s what you can expect by hiring them:

  • Professional mannerism and demeanor including discipline, discretion, and etiquette.
  • DIVERSITY — we have blondes and brunettes; we have Asians and ebony ladies. And all of them have genuine personalities.
  • Athletic 20-something ladies and voluptuous ladies in their 30s. We have escorts in a range of age groups to cater to all your fancies.
  • Our bachelor party escorts come from a variety of educational backgrounds. They make for great conversation partners apart from possessing plenty of sensuousness.

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Make Your Bachelor Party in Vegas Truly Unique

Whether you are a social liberal and fiscal conservative or an out-and-out liberal and whether you are for or against the Friends Reunion, you might agree with the idea that your Las Vegas bachelor party should be memorable. One way to make it memorable is to make it truly unique. One way to make your bachelor party unique is to find time to visit one of these unusual locations.

Here are a few options to make your bachelor party in Vegas unique:

  • Visit a German Fetish Store. Casinos and strip clubs need not be the only places where you blow some of your cash. You can spend some of your money shopping at a German fetish sex toy shop called The Black Room located off Sahara Avenue. The store stores naughty items from Europe and other stuff that are much more bizarre. You have to check things out yourself!
  • Visit a Bizarre Book Shop. A book shop that is a bird sanctuary that also lets you adopt birds. So, there is this book shop called Writer’s Block off Fremont Street in Vegas where you can do much more than just buy books. So. Much. More. Like, you can get a bound paperback of your own in five minutes. So, if you fancy being like Hunter S. Thompson or John Steinbeck, you can start your journey in Vegas.
  • Visit The Zombie Apocalypse Store. Folks in Hawaii had a harrowing few minutes when they received notifications on their cellphones and TV screens that ballistic missiles were on their way. It was an ‘early warning system test’ gone wrong. You can be ‘prepared’ for a nuclear war by having a well-stocked basement. You can prepare for a potential zombie apocalypse by stocking up on the right gear — masks, brass-knuckled zombie hammers and more. The Zombie Apocalypse Store has you covered. Your bachelor party in Vegas can only become more memorable with some quirky stuff such as these.
  • Visit the Atomic Testing Museum. The timeline of the future is unfathomably long. It’s not certain if humans will let things degrade in a natural manner over trillions and trillions of years or whether humans will decide to blow themselves up in nuclear war — go out in a ‘blaze of glory’ so to speak. Since many important milestone events of the Nuclear Age took place in neighboring New Mexico, Las Vegas is the right home for the National Atomic Testing Museum. The Museum has more than 12,000 unique artifacts plus you can understand how the first atomic bomb was developed. You’ll delve into the science & technology behind underground testing. And there is a simulated atmospheric testing you can experience as well.
  • Visit the Blackout Dining Restaurant. Our visual apparatus gives us the majority of inputs about the world around us. What if we let go of visual cues? What about dining in the dark? Well, you can do that in Vegas at the BLACKOUT Dining in the Dark restaurant. They have got special rates for groups of 10 people or more. It will be an unusual experience for sure.
  • Visit The Heart Attack Grill. If you fancy eating 10,000-calorie burgers and be served by “nurses” and “doctors,” then Vegas has you covered. Since your Las Vegas bachelor party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you can take one-time risks such as these. The restaurant has courted its share of controversy and its location has shifted from Tempe, Arizona to Dallas, Texas and now Las Vegas. Vegas has hosted the Heart Attack Grill for a decade now.

Steve Jobs said that the 1960s were ‘magical time.’ It is of course a trick that our mind plays. We all remember the days of our youth as the best days of our lives. You can make your Vegas trip really special so that when you look back on your youth, you can say that it was a ‘magical time’ and be right about it.

What Makes A Las Vegas Bachelor Party Unique — Shows, Action And Adventure

Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for adult fun because it caters to everyone. Whether you want to jump from an airplane or fly one and whether you want to drive some hot automobiles or fire some powerful guns or watch some hot ladies, Sin City has you covered.

When you are planning a bachelor party in Vegas, you can pick and choose from the options below to include in your Vegas party itinerary depending on the amount of time you have and your budget:

  • Hot Shows. What makes Las Vegas world-famous are its shows such as Cirque du Soleil. This needs to be experienced in person to marvel at the enveloping charms comprising comedy, circus acts and burlesque. Absinthe in Spiegelworld’s at Caesars Palace is one more out-of-this-world show. You can enjoy these shows with your buddies or you can enjoy them in the company of some exquisite bachelor party escorts that you can hire. You’ll need to book tickets in advance as these shows are much-in-demand. A Las Vegas bachelor party can be said to have been incomplete without a visit to one of these signature Las Vegas attractions and experiences.
  • Hot Strip Clubs. Las Vegas would be nothing without the strip clubs. You’ll need to research which strip clubs you want to visit and what their rules and costs are. You want to get the timings right and stay within budget. Private shows are available at many strip clubs though the fees will be reasonably higher. Or, you could opt for some bachelor party escorts or strippers you could hire from a professional agency.
  • Hot Fighter Jets. You can experience the joy and thrill of flying a fighter jet. Depending on what type of flight you choose, the costs can start from less than $500 per person to more than $4,000 per person. So, you can decide how important it is for you and your buddies to fulfill their Top Gun dreams.
  • Hot Supercars. Who doesn’t dream of driving a Lamborghini or a Porsche or a Ferrari or a McLaren? You can experience the fun of driving them … without the cost of actually owning them. Vegas operators will let you experience a Helicat or a Panamera or a Huracan or a 911. Driving supercars is not like driving your humdrum Honda or practical Toyota. So, you’ll get proper instructions prior to being allowed to sit in the driver’s seat. If you fancy driving on a track with no speed limit, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is where you can experience it for a few hundred bucks. Though, if you want to drive the Bugatti Veyron, then you might need to pay a four-digit dollar amount.
  • Jet Ski Fun or ATV Fun? You can enjoy some Jet Ski driving on Lake Mead near Vegas. It’s perhaps the right kind of fun and adventure that you should make a part of a bachelor party in Vegas. The ‘risks’ are non-existent to minimal — unlike, say, when you are up in the air. Some dune surfing in an ATV is also safe fun that can take you back to your childhood. We are lucky that we live in a time when our options for having fun go beyond cockfights and bull fights involving bulldogs and bulls. So, why not make use of that?
  • Are You A Limo Person Or A Rolls Royce One? This question probably makes more scientific sense than asking about one’s zodiac sign. No matter what your preferences are in terms of being driven around in luxury, Vegas operators have you covered. There are limos of different sizes available to ferry all your buddies around town as you go from one day time activity to another. You can hire limos including those built on the Cadillac Escalade platform that can seat 6 to 12 persons. Limo rentals are available for 4 hours or 8 hours and so forth. They will cost few hundred dollars. Rolls Royces are predictably a little bit more expensive to hire than limos. While limos can be had for hundreds of dollars, you’ll need to pay thousands of dollars to travel in style in various Rolls Royce models. But, these travel modes can give you an opportunity to create some lasting memories and you can create a beautiful visual and video record of your bachelor party in Vegas — which is to say, you can take a bunch of Instagram-worthy images while being in or around a limo or a Rolls Royce.
  • Grand Canyon Tour, Shooting Weapons, Tasting Craft Beer. The options are endless when it comes to the things you can do in Las Vegas. Going on a helicopter ride to the greatest canyon in the world can be an event of a lifetime in and of itself. If you are a beer fan, surely you would love to taste some local craft beer. If you want to try your hand at firing some high-powered weapons without necessarily owning them, you can try Las Vegas gun ranges that’ll let you do it.

The skills that humans need to be productive members of society vary from century to century. Typists, farmers, secretaries and telephone exchange operators were commonplace once upon a time but are no longer needed now. Advances in technology including automation, robotics and AI are introducing uncertainty and change in people’s livelihoods. Some careers may well turn into dead-ends — think ‘mainframe programmers’ or ‘COBOL programmers’ while other career options may fast-track your career growth — digital marketing career or data analyst being examples of careers with excellent growth opportunities.

Many careers that will exist 20 to 30 years from now haven’t yet been invented. New careers that are mainstream careers today — such as Amazon delivery personnel — may be supplanted by drones in the future. What can be automated will be automated. Agriculture has become unimaginably more automated compared to the 19th century.

With all this flux, love, friendship, romance and commitment are the qualities that keeps us going. A Las Vegas bachelor party will help strengthen your friendships.

Timeline of The Perfect Las Vegas Bachelor Party

No matter how commonplace or out of the ordinary your job or profession maybe, you will agree with the idea of having some fun. Las Vegas bachelor parties are precisely about that. Let us imagine how a fabulous bachelor party in Vegas might begin and end.

You and your buddies arrive in Vegas. You have hired a limo to ferry everyone from the airport to your hotel suite. You have brought your own alcohol and hired some bachelor party escorts who arrive in your suite. You have some fun with the escorts and then go to one of the day time activities such as a pool party.

In the evening, you play some poker or visit a few casinos and bars. Late nights are meant for visiting the hottest nightclubs and/or perhaps a show like the Cirque du Soleil.

Depending on how many days your bachelor party in Vegas is spread over, you can keep to this same routine every day. When the visit is over and you are back home, rest assured that you have created some memories that will last you a lifetime. With the passage of time, your Vegas memories will shine brighter.

Why should only chocolatiers or beer tasters or sommeliers or gumologists have all the fun? Whether your profession is one of those on a list of ‘most fun jobs’ or not, you can still have a few days of ultimate fun. And you won’t miss the fact that you are not a Netflix tagger or a mystery shopper or a fortune cookie writer or a dog surfing instructor.

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